IPCA has an active council structure, providing a greater opportunity for you to enhance the value of your membership while building a stronger association. IPCA hosts Council meetings throughout the year to provide a forum for members to hear important presentations necessary to their businesses while providing members an opportunity to bring issues to the attention of the association.

Steering Committee

The IPCA Steering Committee meets annually to review association’s annual budget prior to consideration by the IPCA Board of Directors. The committee meets as necessary on major issues impacting the association.

Who Should Attend?

  • Committee membership is limited to former Presidents of the IPCA still active in the association.

Regulatory Council

The Regulatory Council meets as necessary with appropriate regulatory officials. The Regulatory Council follows regulatory affecting petroleum marketers including issues involving:

  • Environment
  • Weights and measures
  • Fire and building safety codes
  • Taxation
  • Transportation

Who Should Attend?

  • Active members, particularly those involved in the transportation and storage of fuel and/or lubes.
  • Associate members involved in environmental, transportation or workplace safety.

Convenience Store Council

The Convenience Store Council meets as necessary with officials from Hoosier Lottery, Alcohol and Tobacco Commission and others. The Convenience Store Councils follows issues of concern to retail operations, such as:

  • Youth tobacco and alcoholic beverage compliance
  • Lottery sales
  • Permits

Who Should Attend?

  • Active members primarily involved in C-store operations.
  • Associate members involved in “inside sales”.

President’s Council

The IPCA President’s Council provides an opportunity to discuss programs, assist in, development of effective communication materials (newsletter, magazine, website). The IPCA President’s Council is open only to those members who participate at the President’s Council level. All council meetings meet as necessary.

Who Should Attend?

  • IPCA President’s Council members.
  • Associate members who are interested in joining the President’s Council.

For more information on IPCA councils, please contact us.