About IPCA

The Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (IPCA) is the states’ trade association representing independent, small businesses in the petroleum and convenience industry. IPCA’s members own and operate convenience stores throughout Indiana.


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IPCA Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings will be held on October 25th at the Bridgewater Club in Westfield, Indiana

C-Store Legislative/Regulatory
Chair - Ray McIntosh (McIntosh Energy)
Vice Chair - Paul Grammer (Ackerman Oil)
IPCA ContactScot Imus [email protected]

Fuel and Environmental Legislative/Regulatory
Chair - Lou Carter (Jackson Oil)
Vice Chair - Dave Kenny (SuperTest)
Staff contact -  Brad Baughn [email protected]

Members Relations/Development
Chair - Alan Gunkel (National Oil)
Vice Chair - Jason Schindler (Crossroads Pantry)
Staff contact - Cathy Melton [email protected]

Be sure to register for the Committee lunch following the meetings.